When Puma is away…
September 16, 2007, 4:38 am
Filed under: -corduroy-, bench, furniture, second life, shopping

Hobo Llewellyn will play with Alan cause they both hobos. Check out the new bench which was blogged earlier today with like no information. Naughty hobo, shame on you for not spreading the love of this beautiful bench! I call it, the ‘conversation bench’.  Who cares what hobo calls it, it doesn’t matter cause really it’s all about me.. Puma Jie ;x Just kidding! It’s genius! Seats four (one of them a multi-sit) on the bench and one person on the floor. Alan tped in Catero as third body to well… better show you the awesomeness of this piece :P Thanks wifey you rock!

Have a looksie <3

You don’t have to sit so close Llewellyn…

But this bench.. Alan! It’s sexy… you know you want me.

You moved!

This thing seats five ho!

Now now kids… play nice.


Hehe… you get the picture plenty of room to sit :P For 250L it’s a steal. Check our Doll City location for this converstation bench!

 *Note: click on images for original size.


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