Leggings, Socks… Both?!
September 17, 2007, 6:40 pm
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Hey kiddos! So hobo and I have been messing around with socks and we have a question for you! Socks or leggings? Which do you prefer?


Or Socks?!
above or below the knee? We want to know! So show me some love and leave me some viewpoints on why you prefer one or the other. Or if you think we should include both socks and leggings for each purchase. I like them both it’s hard for me to decide so I need your help!

New argyle wifey leggings will be in -Corduroy- shops soon in 7 funky shades <3


 *Note: Saeya Nyanda was so sweet to give me her outfit which I am wearing called ‘The Last Mobstress’.  I have noticed that it has been blogged about 4152112 times (it deserves this coverage!) so I will spare you guys and just tell you it’s a really well made outfit that is definitely worth buying :)

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booooottthhhhh!!! I need options, woman! <3

Comment by smiletenshi

Sometimes you’re up. Sometimes you’re down. So I say: both.

Comment by Choice Sliter

both! both! they look so cool…

Comment by Ana Lutetia

Socks and leggings, above and below the knee. Options are wonderful, especially at a reasonable price in the same pack—allows the wearer to work the item into more outfits more easily, which is a good thing, I’d think for both the creator and the user.

Comment by Juushika Redgrave

whole body sock would be appreciated :P

Comment by Gillian Waldman

I like over the knee so I can put it under skirts, and yes options are wonderful!!

Comment by Hethr

I love the both of them… last night I needed leggings, but only had socks… :)

Comment by Aenea Nori

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