I this woman!
September 19, 2007, 7:43 pm
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I am MAD about her cause she is crazy like me <3

Woman… these dresses they are wicked fun.

DAHHLING– My life. Tis fashion!

WAH?! 50% OFF?! How come I was not informed? You are gonna get mobbed.

Oh no! But that’s okay we just spread around massive amounts of!

and if that doesn’t work I will just have to use my secret weapon.
What’s that?

BLUE STEEL. Oh yeah!

Woman! You fabulous <3

And that my lovelies is wifey #155154111132!
Check out her shop @ Mischief Cove!

Click on images to view original size <3

*Note: All outfits worn have been provided by!
Puma Jie is glamourous in L’independant and Cupid.
Roberta Beauchamp is wearing her own Le Sophistiquette, Spool Dress (her personal fav) and Tres Magnifique.


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Where is my 50%, Berta? ♥

Comment by Catero

at 400m.

Comment by roberta.beauchamp

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