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September 20, 2007, 12:06 am
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I’m sure almost everyone who reads this post will recognize the name Tao Takashi. He has spent a massive amount of time putting together World of SL and it’s sister blog Fashion Planet. My wifey Catero suggested I seek him out in hopes of adding my blog to these two sites and I am now rather charmed to be able to call him my friend. He is truly a kind and very funny man.

This is my documentation of our first meeting.

Puma Jie: taosie!
Tao Takashi: ah, it’s you :)
Puma Jie: remember
Puma Jie: you have a date with me
Puma Jie: right now
Tao Takashi: yep, you come rather late though ;-)
Puma Jie: lol
Puma Jie: i live in ca
Puma Jie: california
Tao Takashi: but we can have a 10 mins date before I need to go to bed ;-)
Puma Jie: k one sec
Puma Jie: let me put on cuter hair
Puma Jie: first impressions important
Tao Takashi: I thought it’s inner values
Puma Jie: taosie
Puma Jie: don’t lie
Puma Jie: we still semi judge
Tao Takashi: haha
Puma Jie: by appearance :P
Tao Takashi: isn’t it even more inner values in a world in which you can be anything? ;-)
Puma Jie: hahaha
Puma Jie: tao
Puma Jie: i’m so fond of you!
Tao Takashi: I am just making this up ;-)
Puma Jie: i know you are a good bull shitter

Tao Takashi: Hi Puma :)
You: you need make over
Tao Takashi: nah
Tao Takashi: I am a brand, I cannot change ;-)
You: fair enough
You: but i will want to take your female alt shopping
Tao Takashi: and it’s easier to explore my inner values that way ;-)
You: may i snap a photo of us?
Tao Takashi: of course
You: i am quite thrilled to meet you!
Tao Takashi: there is no reason to be thrilled ;-)

You: taosie
You: i need to send you our pretty furniture
Tao Takashi should make new furniture.. ;-)
Tao Takashi: once a year I should do that
Tao Takashi: and make new houses
Tao Takashi: and new hair
You: LOL
Tao Takashi: hey, it’s my best selling product ;-)

I will save you from reading the rest of our conversation :P Taosie! I’m glad to have you as my friend. I once asked him why he created Fashion Planet and World of SL and he said he actually had started it to keep upto date with the SL blogs he loved and from there it just grew. From what I gather he spends his own personal time updating these blogs for nothing which I think truly has to be a labour of love. So if you have a chance drop him an IM he is the coolest German on SL that I know for sure! :P

If you are curious to know more about him check out his blog Tao’s Thoughts on Second Life

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Hey Corduroy! I’ve been seeing these fab wifey leggings everywhere and when I go to your shop, I don’t see them for sale. What am I missing? Thanks!


Comment by Heidi Volare

oh no! heidi unfortunately we have three locations because our main shop is packed with furniture. if you look me up and go to my picks one of my tabs will to be lico lico that is where you will find our wifey leggings <3


puma jie

Comment by corduroyshop

on second thought i sent you the lm <3


Comment by corduroyshop

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