Hobo has been replaced.
September 27, 2007, 1:16 am
Filed under: pet shop, second life, wifeys

My new love… I have named him Sprinkles #5. I have always wanted a pet in SL and once a long time ago I had a pet crabby I named Sprinkles (which I have managed to have somehow loss in my inventory along with Sprinkles, 2,3 & 4…, I am a bad mother). ANYWHO! I just found out that my friend and wifey Natsuko Paravane owns LOLO Pet Shop and I was so there. This is where I set eyes on the love of my life.

He follows me around like a love sick puppy and I like it! Thanks wifey for this precious gift <3 I love you Sprinkles #5!


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ahh… just another day in the life of a man with no bits :-(

Comment by corduroyshop

hey:D thank u!
glad u like him^^

Comment by the LOLO

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