A day in the life with Alan Wijaya & Puma Jie.
October 7, 2007, 8:47 pm
Filed under: hobo love

Originally uploaded by Puma Jie

Alan Wijaya: why you pay me 500?
Alan Wijaya: heehee
Puma Jie: prim sitter 500?
Puma Jie: i don’t remember
Puma Jie: i buy for half year of love gift
Alan Wijaya: 944
Alan Wijaya: hahahha
Alan Wijaya: awww!
Alan Wijaya: I got you nothing huhuhuhuhuhuh
Puma Jie: it’s okay
Alan Wijaya: I get a prim sitter
Alan Wijaya: it’s like giving your wife a vacuum cleaner! So cute!
Puma Jie: HOBO
Puma Jie: you love shit like that
Alan Wijaya: I love you puji!
Puma Jie: don’t deny!
Alan Wijaya: I dooo
Puma Jie: it is so NOT like buying wifey vacuum cleaner
Puma Jie: you slag
Alan Wijaya: hey!
Alan Wijaya: you love vacuum cleaners!
Puma Jie: oh
Puma Jie: true huh?
Puma Jie: i do love my vacuum

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