Kyoot Army!
October 11, 2007, 3:50 am
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I am always the last one to know about anything. Trust me, I’m always behind on the times so when I met Saeya Nyanda I had no idea she was the creator of the famed photosphere. I did however at least know she made clothing lol.

Saeya has created a new backdrop pack for her photosphere ‘Frames II’ and Kyoot Army outfit ‘Denial of Autumn’ this woman is busy! I am in love with both so I am going to blog the two at once <3

But first… a fun shot of me and wifey Wednesday Soon! She is a sexy beast…

Okay! Onto some denial of autumn and photosphere loveeee <3

*Note: Click on images to view orignal size. Denial of Autumn comes with skirt, scarf (you can also buy this scarf seperately) and top (five different colors in three layers (jacket, shirt, undershirt)). This outfit is brand new just out today so go and get yours <3  Frames II pack include 15 new backdrops and I have used them in my shots here except for the first one of Wednesday and I.

Kyoot Army is affordable couture-ish clothing that is wearable! I like wearable chic goodness that comes with many pieces that I can mix and layer with other clothes that I would wear on a daily basis. Check out Kyoot Army’s Mainstore!

Want to be informed of her new releases? She has a blog bookmark it!



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lookin g-e-w-d pumars! <3

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