Talented and most beautiful…
October 15, 2007, 5:00 am
Filed under: clothing, jewelry, leggings, savvy?, shopping, sugar cube, wifeys

Are my wifeys and these three are no exception. Dakota Buck, Sayuri Cremorne & Yuuki Kurosawa did something that I was actually able to pair together! And you guys know how much I love to mix and match <3

‘Kota (Savvy?) has just released these yummy Angry Leggings in SEVEN… yes that’s right seven fun colors. These things are filled with polka dot love which makes me happy. I was able to pair this with Sugar Cube’s Maze of Love outfit complete with skirt and necklace. Sayuri Cremorne and Yuuki Kurosawa’s outfit is uber cute and with the Savvy?’s leggings it’s a sure hit! I’d buy Maze of Love for the jacket alone which is probably the best leather jacket I’ve seen in SL.

*Note: Click image to view original size <3

So kiddos! Go have a look at Savvy? and Sugar Cube! Both stores are at Cotton Candy check the links in my sidebar for TP!

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