turnstyle freebies!

K i saw these blogged already so I had to find them. And they rock. Yes, I wore them for a week.

Kingston was hiding them at the bottom of something deep and dark and after the final extrication took place without too many complications, we decided to all get married and have a baby! You’ll be pleased to hear it looks just like me.

So come check the fruit of our labours, get your turnstyle on, and pick up some freebie love at our new store in Cotton Candy.

Oy! Sylar! Make more you fat bastard.

New! – Scripted corkboard for all your kawaiii pikchas

ps. You can find instructions on how to use it at the Sugarcube blog. Thanks girls!

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Sylar is not fat… :P

The scripted corkboard is SO cute. Hope it doesn’t take many prims. ;)

Comment by Ana Lutetia

7 prims! Had to make one for each pic and one for the background. But you can stick 6 gazillion pics in each one… <3

hmmm… I just thought about that. It would cost you L$360 gazillion in uploads if you put 6 gazillion pics in each one… mind boggling.

Comment by corduroyshop

ooh. So hey. Does this mean they got a new shop?

Comment by Tenshi Vielle

uhuh! I think there’s another one hiding away in mischief too…

Comment by corduroyshop

This is the most adorable item EVER in all of SL…LOL. I love mine. It is going to be my go to gift for my SL friends now. I take photos of everyone in here. So, if I can, I will pre-load it with a few and then gift it. (Hey – maybe Corduroy could design some cute gift boxes?) It is 7 prims – but I think it is well worth it!

Keep doing what you guys do – your stuff is so nice. I wish you had even more products for me to buy (LOL!), but what you have is top notch! Bravo!!!

Comment by Tymmerie Thorne

Woah! I’m totally honoured… TY!

Comment by corduroyshop

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