Happy Autumn <3
October 16, 2007, 10:46 pm
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Yeah. I know I’m rocking some rabbit ears but you know… when a wifey gives you a gift you don’t leave it in the inventory you put it on and you love it! So of course when wearing bunny rabbit ears you must be styling and by styling I mean you must look super kawaii :P

Lucky for me… Mie Rang of +MimiEden+ dropped me some cute things when she was in our shop at Cotton Candy! Happy Autumn happens to be perfect with these adorable rabbit ears that wifey Row tossed at me when I whined about him not having pink bunnies for me to snuggle with. I love you Rowieeee!

Check out his shop Tangram @ Mischief and grab your own Fuzzy the Bunny!


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Hello Puma :)
Thank you for putting on my dress.
I am very favorite in socks that you made <3
Moreover, let’s meet XD

Comment by mie

i would love to meet you again! it’s a date <3


Comment by corduroyshop

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