Tete a Pied.
November 16, 2007, 8:28 am
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Originally uploaded by Puma Jie

When I was a noob my sl sister took me to buy skin so I wouldn’t look well… so much like a noob! I walked around in the skin we picked out for about a month and even though I really did like that skin it wasn’t truly me. So like many other avatars I spent an agonizing amount of time trying on demo skins. By pure chance I happen to wander by a Tete a Pied kiosk and it was true love. I must have tried on every skin Roslin and CJ produced and FINALLY found one that was me.

I am a Tete a Pied whore. The make up and skin tones are flawless and they really do put a great deal of attention into detail. Trust me I’ve worn it all (old and new) and they do not disappoint.  I mean I still rock their old stuff because it’s good! Anyway if you are curious check it out for yourself At 500L per skin you too will fall in love with Tete a Pied.  Join their group to watch for their custom skin event… and free skin gifts.  Honestly, these two are devoted to their craft… Rosie, CJ you guys ROCK! 


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