Wax Poetic Skins are!
February 16, 2008, 6:48 am
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WIFEY! You are make up genius I love you and your new line! Girls, go GET them at 250L a pop it’s a steal! I’m a huge fan of intense shadows and Berta here has managed to tickle me pink… rainbow even! Buy single skins or the whole fat pack for 1800L it’s well worth the moolah <3 See ad below for details cause I’m lazy and it’s freezing here in CA. My poor hands ;x

Go get yours now at her Mischief location!



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whewwwwwwwwwwwww! buy my skins! mama needs a new pair of armidi pumps!

Comment by berta!


Comment by evie e

You do know these are just modded Eloh skins right?

Comment by Jo

Oh it says so on the ad. :) Sorry, just see alot of people trying to do stupid shit with them i go on automatic defence mode..whatevers…

This looks good.

Comment by Jo

It’s okay Jo :) I had posted about these skins in the blog below and already mentioned that these are modified Eloh Eliot skins.

Comment by corduroyshop

WOW! Roberta did an amazing job with the makeups.

Comment by Ana Lutetia

This is so cool!

Comment by bodytreats

[…] SOURCE ~ Read the full story […]

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The skins are glorious. Where is the hair from?

Comment by glamorpuss

Ummm…they seem cute….but how in the hey are we supposed to assess a demo that has a big mustache? The word demo is already printed across the cheeks. This made me feel like ‘wow, this seller really distrusts her customers’. I usually love everything she puts out – my favorite dress is from her shop. But the mustache left a bad taste in my mouth.

Comment by Tymmerie Thorne

sorry, the mustache was just a silly joke on my part, I have a bit of a sense of humor… I’ll make some un mastached ones.. I didn’t realize people felt as if I distrusted them.. just trying to make them laugh. :\

Comment by berta!

also, yes they are “just” modded eloh skins, I make no qualms about stating that, but I did put A LOT of work into them,and they are only 250L, around 1/4of the price of most skins. I just made them for myself and had people ask to buy them, so I made that option available. Eloh herself even gave me a lot of compliments on them. Just wanted to see if I could do it… :)

Comment by berta!

They really do stand out from all the other modded skins, you did a really great job and I think most people can tell how much work you put into them. Thanks for putting them up for sale!

Comment by emme mannonen

WOW, what a spectacular job! just amazing really. fresh, fun, they made me smile…

you should make your own skins!!! the face doesn’t look anything like eloh’s and wow, you have a great touch sweetie.

i hope i can remember to go over and buy some!!! they really look lovely! GREAT JOB!

Comment by callie cline

honestly guys, go GET these! who doesn’t need a few skins for your fun days/nights? Berta did a kick ass job on the makeup- sooo fun! her rl makeup artist skills are all over these. <33 them!

Comment by Miabella Foxley

glamourpus, the hair is the Edie by ADEN, and shes a lovely lovely doll, and I’ll pimp her hair forever. I can’t take it off!

Comment by berta!

And again… Eloh mod for too much, please take the skins from Eloh (Pleiades or the old one) and CREATE! it’s a so amazing offer to create your own skin damn! don’t buy for creativity, make it! It will cost you 30L$ for upload and you will be proud of yourself (and I can tell you it’s not difficult, templates are so great, a baby could use them!)

Comment by Mikka Enzo

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