Which face would you makeout with?
October 15, 2008, 5:32 am
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I need your help! You guys tell me which k?








Don’t fail me fashionistas! <3

PS: Please tell me why you picked the face you did.


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Definately Face 3. The eyes are perfectly shaped and I love the curve of the mouth!

Comment by Iris Seale

I dunno about make out with, but I think I like face #2 the most. I’m not sure why except that the eyes seem to stand out and i’m all about the eyes.

Comment by Hethr

Absolutely love the C. For some odd reason the eyes really stick out to me with that one.

Comment by Alli Perway

C but B is nice too.

Comment by Codie

I like B the best because the lip shape is the most ideal in my opinion.

It’s a lovely face and skin combo.

Comment by Celebrity

Wifey, I tell you its “C”. It’s all in the chin. “A” has an elongated chin, “B” has a very compact chin, but “C” is midway between the two extremes and creates a well-rounded facial shape. Her mouth is also narrower and it’s kinda cute.

Comment by Booty Call Hubby

I think I’d make out with C. that’s the most feminine and I think those lips are kissable!

Comment by Graciana McMillan

C! For Sure

Comment by Forda Fairlane

C is for cute chin!

Comment by Sylar Boyd

when in doubt always pick c

Comment by Miabella Foxley

I prefer C too.. but with the eyes of A. I always feel that the upturned innner eye corner of B&C look odd.

Comment by Grazia

That’s easy: B
Most sensitive lips and radiant eyes / very beautiful brows…
Enjoy yourself

Comment by Lorna

C is Fantastic! Its so innocent but sexy and sweet at the same time I would so makeout with C *giggles*

Comment by Elease Graves

C for sure! The eyes, nose, lips, chin fit perfectly together…very cute!

Comment by Nicole Bourne

My preference is for A because I am loving the eyes and I think the nose is the best out of all three, but I’d want the following tweaks made:

~ less chin, but more chin than what’s present in B and C
~ replace the mouth with C’s luscious full lips

Comment by melanie

C definitely. It’s nicely balanced.

Comment by Stephanie Misfit

C! It looks more balanced top to bottom yet the eyes still draw in the attention first.

Comment by Marissa Goodliffe

C! Those lips are gorgeous! (and I want that skin! Whatitcalled? :P)

Comment by TearSong Vaughan

Anything but A! And looks like for once, we all agree heehee. Even tho I prefer unique avatars with different features in SL, sometimes… less is more, and that chin my friend, is what I call more LOL :3 I would say C looks a little more soulless tho, looks like any other avatar. So let’s vote for B!

Comment by elka

For sure it’s C! Looks more feminine and cute while B looks more cold and lips are a tad too wide. ^^

Comment by Eleora Lowey

I choose B. The blush blends perfectly with the skin tone and the lips.

Comment by Tiasha

I like the face shape and lips of C, but I agree with Grazia, change the eyes for the ones on A. They’re more alert and are less likely to pose any problems with future makeup choices.

Comment by 'Kota Buck

A is unique, B is Blah, C rules as the whole face comes together nicely!

Comment by Samara Barzane

Ooooooh MAKEOUT LOL Then A because it’s a bit quirky and more interesting.

Comment by Samara Barzane

I’ll be in the minority, but it’s A for me. A look likes a normal girl-next-door. The one who actually studies for history exams and is getting an A in bio-chem. It’s the girl who doesn’t know hoe many guys had crushes on her, until she comes to the 10-year-reunion.

Comment by Choice

Definately: C!!!

Comment by Carolin Bonetto

I like B, I am prejudiced in favor of the fuller lips and the smaller chin throws the balance of the face up toward the eyes.

Comment by Serene Fairey

I see more harmony and simetry in C, but A and B are cute too int their “imperfections” :)

Comment by Myllie Writer

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