I melt!
October 20, 2008, 3:04 am
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This is the reason why I want to style in SL.


My experience being made over in SL by Puma Jie was absolutely awesome–the most fun I have had in SL. I really mean that. I had actually started fading out of SL because I wasn’t quite getting why people spend so much time here, but this experience changed my mind.

Now from a fashion standpoint, my RL is pretty easy: professional by day, and punk rock guitarist/mom of a 1-year-old in the evenings. But in SL, I was a complete mess. I had a thousand freebies which I only wore as complete outfits, leaving me with no distinct style, no personality, and really nothing interesting going on. I had all but quit trying. As a very visually oriented person, trying to piece together clothing in my SL inventory was frustrating to say the least. Puma showed me how to sort through the clothes, pick out the good and trash the bad. She showed me how to use my own taste to pick only the good parts of an outfit (freebies included), to make an eclectic set of separates so my wardrobe can actually express my individuality.

She also helped define and refine my shape and skin choices, turning my avi from a common average to a beautiful original. She and her posse worked hard to make sure that I looked just as good as they do–which is really saying something.

While I will never have the eye and style sense Puma has, I now have the confidence to try and the renewed interest in becoming a part of the SL community. While I am sure some of the things I wear will make her cringe, I hope she knows how much help she and all her comrades really were!

Star Nubalo



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