M&R Skins.
October 20, 2008, 2:06 am
Filed under: clothing, second life, shopping, wifeys

Gemini – Janna MIMS


M&R. M&R. M&R. M&R.

Group Freebie




*Note: click on the snapshots to view original size <3

I have been in love with wifey Rosemary Galbraith’s skins since her ROSEMAR days but now that she has teamed up with Mimi Coral to create M&R Cupcakes her skin line has become even more innovative. Above I’m wearing two of my favorite styles one which she collaborated with Mimi is a group freebie (birthday suit skin) comes in 12 tones! One thing is for sure each skin you purchase from M&R Cupcakes is lovingly crafted and breathtakingly beautiful! Even if you can’t shell out the big dough to buy one the skins priced from 800L-1000L. Most will definitely benefit and love the gifts you receive when you join the their update group. Go check out M&R Cupcakes and get lucky playing their new cupcake lottery machine!


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