Inventory control.
October 22, 2008, 3:13 pm
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I noticed that I was really super stoked about playing SL on my alt account and semi reluctant to log onto Puma’s account because I use to be so anal about my inventory. It made me happy that all my clothes were neatly organised by category and then into sub folders by designer. That’s when I knew what I had to do… it was going to be a massive all day project but it had to be done!

I cleaned out Puma Jie’s inventory. It took me ages, my bottom is probably flatter then it usually is from all that time spent sitting in one place but it was worth it! I’m so happy! I also found a ton of stuff that I haven’t ever unboxed and/or worn. Check out these new items I found that I am in love with.

Veschi. (Draped Down)

*TS* (eat me tee)
ARGRACE. (freebie gift men beanie hair)
SH*T Happens. (jeans)

Veschi. (Fun Times – blue dots)
Bewitched (boogie-fever hair)

*TS* (autumn short and robot tee)
Mina Junk. (defiantly skin)
Sugarcube. (peacock pie hair)

Oh. and to those who have sent me review copies I am sorry! My inventory ate it. I will try to keep it clean from now on <3


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We love you, Pu! <3
psssst, search “-AnaLu-” ;)

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