Mina Junk & Paper Couture.
November 4, 2008, 7:22 am
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Mina Junk – Bad Skin in pink (I’m wearing the shape that comes with it as well)
Paper Couture – Italian Black (I consider it vintage paper)

So I know pretty much everyone and their mother have probably blogged about Mina Jun’s BAD skins and Paper Couture’s new fall line but I don’t care. It’s amazing so I’m gonna spread it all around Fashion Planet again :P They fabulous!

My beloved wifey has put out her skin in 3 different tones with 9 different make up stylings and of course she has pulled out all the stops yet again… by creating a personalize shape and brow to go with her glamorous skins (see above photo). I’ve taken photos of a few as a teaser you should check out her shop to demo them yourself <3




*Note: click on snapshot to view original size, you can also find the rest of the photos on my flickr <3


-clears throat-


As for THE Paper… I hope Ava Lu does not keel over from me calling it the paper ;x I have to admit that if it was possible to die in SL I would want to be buried in my new Paper Couture gown. I took Hobo’s alt with me to see their new fall line and we just couldn’t leave empty handed. Since these lovely sisters create such pretty things we wanted to pay tribute to them by wearing their gowns in Hobo’s new sister shapes :P Check it out!



Ava. Marry me? I’ll leave Alan for you! Make me pretty things to wear /me cries! They really do give you a good reason to go somewhere fancy. Since Hobo and I aren’t fancy people we pretend to be by posing next to a glowy tree at someone’s wedding ;x We don’t think it’s sad we’re just utilizing what we got :P

*Note: click on snapshot to view our yumminess :P



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Hey Pu. Great blog. ;) but a friend of me felt in love with the green glitter dress in the middle of the post. Could you pls tell me from where it is? ;) Ty very much

Comment by angiedryke

Aw! It’s vintage Paper Couture, the outfit is called White Horse and actually comes with some gray pants that I never wear :P I’m not sure if they sell it anymore but it’s definitely one of my favorites! <3


Comment by corduroyshop

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