Sh*t Happens.
November 4, 2008, 3:19 pm
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Sh*t Happens – zebra fade jeans (she’s about to release them in other colors! :O)

Yeah we normally don’t want it to happen to us but I don’t mind wifey Ana Boogiewoogie’s crapping all over me if it means I get to wear her jeans!

*Note: click on snapshot to view original size <3

Ana is definitely one of my favorite jean designers out there and I’m picky! I probably don’t know anyone who spends more time detailing each pair of jeans (we’re talking hours if not days) or making them on so many layers and in different colors to accommodate how you want to sport them, not to mention her prim cuff goodness… skinny or flare? You decide!



I personally prefer wearing her sock layer :)

Sadly, due to the whole tier dealio her mainstore location is no longer available which makes me wanna cry cause I wanted to tell you where to go to see all her stuff but I’ll keep you posted! At 100L a pair you can definitely afford to buy at least one but if you have the dough you should get her packs, I swear you won’t be disappointed <3

Things you can definitely look forward to:

neon colors!
Also, pin striped, stitch-less jeans, leopard print, highwaisted, and men’s… yeah that’s right boys she’s making them for you too! WATCH OUT :P



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love your hair wheres it from?

Comment by Vitality Lollipop

it’s from the docomo hair hunt thing that takes ages but is well worth the effort <3


Comment by corduroyshop

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