Can’t sleep in middle America.
November 14, 2008, 7:56 am
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So we’re in Kansas… and Hobo is sleeping like a baby. I’m like the only Asian in Kansas! (if you’re Asian and in Kansas please feel free to correct me, I’d love to meet you!) Time is like slipping through our fingers it’s only 11:45PM in CA but here it’s almost 1:45AM! Freakin’ A! I need to sleep we’re like barely halfway to NYC and suppose to be driving all day tomorrow!  I’m going to die.

Highlights so far:

UTAH in the dark. (we really wished we drove through it during the day it’s like the only pretty thing we’ve past through!)
Being oogled at Colorado truck stop. (I was the only girl… definitely the only Asian at that stop)
My car being raped by Colorado snow and salt. (enough said)
Kansas Police doing routine “illegals” precautionary car check (they stopped me for speeding 7 miles over! and some how managed to get under my trunk)

LOL! it’s been a hoot y’all!


I want a freakin’ hot dog!


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Have a great trip Puma! Save your hot dog craving for NYC! There’s a “Dirty Water Dog” stand on every other corner, the best dogs in the world! I hope you’re bringing some sunshine with you, we could use some, but leave the snow in Colorado.

Comment by Marissa Goodliffe

I live in CO :( Be happy you didn’t encounter mag-chloride! I think our snow just REALLY liked you! (I’m trying to put a happy spin on it) Has it all been bad? Oooh, have you played any car travel games?

Comment by Cerrie Janus

Ah one of my friends who happens to be Asian grew up in Kansas and her family is still there for the most part. But alas, she now lives in fabulous Austin TX. And as a matter of fact her family is traveling to Austin today and I will be able to meet them tomorrow at a University of Texas vs University of Kansas football game party she is throwing tomorrow!

Comment by Elizabeth Hallstrom

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