Dice-y goods, Briar Bellambi & Lamb.
January 27, 2009, 2:10 am
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I know you’ve probably seen this on the fashion feeds a few times already but I can’t help but blog it again (forgive me!). My friend Dice Beattie of Beats have created this fun bathing suit with jacket named for Swirly Cyclone. Check it!

also wearing: *Kookie* Champagne Light- Sexy Canary skin

and if you guys didn’t know Briar Bellambi is back and it’s costing me lindens!


First, we hit up *Kookie* where Briar goes a bit nuts… I don’t blame her though! Check out these shoes! I love my new Coco ones<3

She drags me to Lamb where I just couldn’t resist buying the Mister Sister ROYGBIV pack… funky colors for 300L?! Yes please!

Briar prefers to be all-natural :P

As I leave I join the Lamb group and girls… go do it too cause the freebie is sweet (check the notices for group gift) <3

Ana Lutetia, this freebie hair style has your name all over it <3



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/me has it :P

Comment by Ana Lutetia

oy! always beating me to the punch! love you lady <3

Comment by corduroyshop

what are those purple snake skin looking loafers?

Comment by delaney whippet

they’re coco heels by kookie lemon i blogged them in the entry just above <3

Comment by corduroyshop

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