Berry Love + Innertubes.
August 19, 2009, 5:40 am
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When I returned to SL I was really touched when my friend Strawberry dropped a gift card to Zaara. I really don’t shop much so I haven’t come across this shop and omg… I wanted to buy everything! Eventually I narrowed it down to one thing which I just had to have.

This dress:

Zaara – Hansika Gown (gold + siliver)

I felt it was only right to snap this beautiful gown with the person who bought it for me <3 Check the detail! I may joke that this is my preggo dress but man… it's sexy.


Speaking of sexy…

on Berry: Zaara – Keyuri swimsuit (black gold)
on Puma: Zaara – Esha bikini (blueberry cream)

Zaara has swimwear that will make all the other girls jealous. I was drooling over this blueberry cream bikini for ages! It’s summer the perfect excuse to get a new bathing suit (not that you need one in SL) <3



Stop by Zaara but try not to spend all your lindens! Cause you have to go get these innertubes from Ana-Mations!

[2009/08/18 18:00] Puma Jie: what is
[2009/08/18 18:01] Puma Jie: innertube?
[2009/08/18 18:01] Surrealia Anatine: you dunno what an innertube is :0
[2009/08/18 18:01] Puma Jie hides face!
[2009/08/18 18:01] Surrealia Anatine: lol they are fun
[2009/08/18 18:05] Puma Jie: <3


Surrealia wasn’t kidding these are fun! She’s put out three kinds (couple, friends, single) each with three different animations. I tossed these in my pool and invited some friends over for some good times <3





I love these! You can tint them and change the pattern on the innertube as well <3 Check them out at Ana-Mations.



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