5th & Oxford: A New Era
August 24, 2009, 8:42 pm
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Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot formerly of Fleur and my beloved TaP have started a new chapter in their business partnership giving their brand a new name 5th & Oxford. But unlike the transition from TaP to Fleur, Roslin explains how this is not a rebranding:

CJ and I have been in the skin business for 3 years. We’ve released countless makeups under 7 skin lines and yes, we’ve been through 2 brand names. This, however, is not a rebranding. We are no longer just about skins. Along with our new name, 5th & Oxford will bring a diverse range of products which draw from the most current trends in fashion and design, for both women, men, AND your home. While our focus and style will be shifting, our mission as content creators will remain the same. CJ and I are about slavish attention to the details and perfectionism.

They do everything now and I want to wish them good luck on their new adventure :) Not that they’ll need much luck have a look at these:

5th & Oxford – Summer Cocktails Dress (appletini)

I love the bow on this dress! Not to mention the colors they’ve released them in. I know they’ve named it “summer” cocktails dress but really this dress is meant for all seasons.


5th & Oxford’s Audrey skins released in four different styles are smoothed as butter <3 Each style comes in 6 different make up options. I think they've really out done themselves this time. My favorite being fresh freckles. I asked Roslin why Audrey?

[11:31] Roslin Petion: oh, that's a good question that nobody has asked! We want to name the faces alphabetically and this is our first face so we needed an A name. We wanted something classic because she has rather classic face. We also wanted something that was neither super girly nor very mature because her face has a nice pleasant neutral age to it. I like both Audrey Hepburn and Audrey Tatou and I thought that both of them have characteristics reflected in the skin so…there you go.

All Audrey skins are available in three different tones (fair, medium, tan) Check them out below:

Audrey Summer Cocktails

5th & Oxford – Audrey Summer Cocktails 1 (fair)

5th&oxford 5th&oxford 5th&oxford
5th&oxford 5th&oxford

Audrey Fresh Freckles

5th & Oxford – Audrey Fresh Freckles 6 (medium)

5th&oxford 5th&oxford 5th&oxford
5th&oxford 5th&oxford

Audrey Smoky

5th & Oxford – Audrey Smoky 1 (tan)

5th&oxford 5th&oxford 5th&oxford
5th&oxford 5th&oxford

Audrey Smolder

5th & Oxford – Audrey Smolder 5 (fair)

5th&oxford 5th&oxford 5th&oxford
5th&oxford 5th&oxford
*Note: click on snapshots to view original size <3

5th & Oxford: Cocktail Bar Set

Continuing with their cocktail theme 5th & Oxford have created this cute cocktail bar set that would be a nice focal point in any home. I love the details in this bar, especially the built in display of glassware. The bar and bar stools are color scripted with a selection of colors for you to pick from. Martini shakers you can wear which gives your friends martinis and soda siphons that you can spray each other with! I had a lot of fun with those :P You can read more about it on their blog or grab your very own cocktail bar @ 5th & Oxford!



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