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August 26, 2009, 12:03 am
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another shop
Star Nubalo & I @ Another Shop.

*Note: click on snapshots to view original size

(from left to right)
tekuteku – muse (blue) group gift
**sen2** – cookie tunic (lucky board)
tekuteku – freebie hair 2 (1L)
tekuteku – 2008 autumn freebie hair (1L)
tekuteku – freebie hair 2009 (1L)
**sen2** – cotton pants (lucky board)
mother goose – donna skin (1L)

I am a freebie whore and let me tell you freebies have come a long way since I rezzed back in ’07! These days you can pretty much live on the cheap or even free. I think this is partly due to how content creators have advanced so much artistically and technically since the beginning of SL. The “If you dream it you can make it” mentality. Mostly however, it’s due to the generous nature of these very content creators. They invite you to partake in their works in order to expose you to their product and hopefully have you come back as a loyal customer because you like what was given to you. In other cases they do it just for the joy of creation and it’s their pleasure to share their works with you. Either way, I want to thank these creators and share some resources I love in SL.


The Gnubie Store is a great place to go to grab anything from a new outfit to your own home. Many well known designers have made contributions here so if you’re new to SL or just looking to grab a few things on the cheap stop here. Everything is either free or 1L.



Free*Style and Fabulously Free in SL are two blogs that are dedicated in sharing with you their latest steal.


Kiriko Nishi blogs exclusively about her free skin finds on SL. Her blog is in Japanese but she has included a google translation application that will translate her blog into any language you need… just about :P

Join Cupcakes’ update group! There is a fee of 100L but it’s well worth the money. Each month you’ll receive a free skin in all tones and maybe an outfit every once in awhile :) Search under the group tab inworld for <3 cupcakes update group to join. (This one is for girls only… sorry guys!)

Eloh Eliot of Another Shop continues to pump out amazing skins for free. Her latest release Starlight can be snatched up here. Not only does she make beautiful skins that will want to own but she encourages you to be creative and offers her work for you to modify as well. You can obtain her files here and tweak it to make it your very own skin <3



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