Tiny Bird, BIG Reputation!
September 19, 2009, 7:11 am
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For a few months now my friends have been asking me if I’ve gone to Tiny Bird and my response has been a consistent, “No.” since I really don’t get out much. On a whim I checked out a few shops participating in 50L Fridays and finally made it to Tiny Bird and I became an instant fangirl of Autumn Hykova. I quickly set my sights out to meet her and true to form she was puddy in my hands JK <3

Autumn Hykova wearing Tiny Bird – anachronism (brown) // love song – long version (ginger)

Autumn is no newbie when it comes to hair design she’s been doing it for years. You might even know of her previous shop Pixel Dust which is now retired. She scrapped everything and Tiny Bird was born but why the name “Tiny Bird”?

[23:33] Autumn Hykova: I was kinda fishing around for an inspiration and I found a nursery rhyme that I liked
[23:33] Autumn Hykova: Once I saw a little bird
Come hop, hop, hop;
So I cried, “Little bird,
Will you stop, stop, stop?”

And was going to the window
To say, “How do you do?”
But he shook his little tail,
And far away he flew.

[23:33] Autumn Hykova: and I just liked Tiny rather than little
[23:34] Autumn Hykova: I had a pretty clear picture in my head of what I wanted my store to convey, and it felt right

Okay I may like Tiny Bird but I think I love Autumn Hykova. Not only is she talented but she’s uber sweet! If you have time I highly suggest you stop by Tiny Bird and join her group and snag her appreciation pack but I’m pretty sure that won’t be the only thing you snatch up while you’re there :P



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