Oh Pididdle!
September 22, 2009, 12:07 am
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How you rock my world with your new sketch sweaters!


I love hand drawn goodies and these sweaters are too kawaii <3 These girly doodles done by Brutus Martinek remind me of the stationary I love buying in Korean & Japanese stores. Sometimes even though the wordings don't make any sense you just have to buy it for the cutesy artwork… ;x Well, these sketch sweaters make total sense! Go check them out @ Pididdle!

and while you’re there…


Be sure to grab the special edition tank top shown above! (it’s the middle one <3 & free!) Pididdle is also participating in the Gatcha Gatcha Festival which runs from September 18th – October 31st. I’m wearing two of the Gatcha Gatcha tanks above as well. She’s also made hair & clothing accessories for this festival.

**A “Gatcha Gatcha” is a lucky dip vending machine;
pay the machine and receive a random gift. **

Pay the machine 25L and you’ll get a cute gift! She’s made them transferable so if you receive a double you can trade with friends!

*image originally uploaded on Pididdle’s blog

Be sure to check out Pididdle’s blog for her other goodies!


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