Oh Shai.
September 28, 2009, 9:19 am
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You KILL me! But since you make me pretty things I forgive you <3


If you haven’t had the honour of meeting Shai Delacroix you’re missing out on a fabulous person. She’s been creating since before I rezzed and if you’re lucky you’ll find her outside her shop Casa Del Shai ready to greet you and help pick out an outfit that suits your needs.

Puma: Casa Del Shai – Chryselda Evening Gown (gold)
Shai: Casa Del Shai – Kimora Dress (coming soon!)

Shai creates stunning outfits for women + men (yes, guys she’ll clothe you too!) Her detailed work has her customers coming back and looking forward to the latest thing from Casa Del Shai. I’m personally in love with these Volpe Silk Blouses. They’re available in seven different colors and can be worn in many different ways. So what will it be? With or without the bow?

Casa Del Shai – Volpe Silk Blouses (green // purple // orange // peach)

Buy the whole fat pack or get the individually <3 These are my new favorite! Check out Casa Del Shai <3 and totally off topic… Tiny Bird’s Kissy Kissy hairdo (shown above) is sex. Thank you Autumn!


PS: Go get these Prelude Tweed Pants! They come in two lengths (capri + full pant length) you can wear them with the cuff attachments and they come in four colors <3



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