Toast Bard 1 – Puma Jie 0
November 30, 2009, 10:29 am
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[2009/11/30 1:51] Puma Jie: toast
[2009/11/30 1:51] Puma Jie: i can’t tell
[2009/11/30 1:51] Puma Jie: if it’s nice or not haha
[2009/11/30 1:51] Puma Jie: it’s the demo over the nose
[2009/11/30 1:51] Puma Jie: that distracts
[2009/11/30 1:51] Toast Bard: squint
[2009/11/30 1:51] Toast Bard: actually
[2009/11/30 1:51] Toast Bard: just totally close your eyes
[2009/11/30 1:51] Toast Bard: and imagine how cool you’re going to look

I’ve always wanted to buy a Fashionably Dead skin. I just have been putting it off because the 800L price tag just kills me. Finally, after 2 years I finally worked up the nerve to grab the demos and I looked like a man! Toast, your demos! I thought all my shapes looked like a man in them :( but it turns out I just couldn’t get over the mustache! These skins by Toast Bard are unique and actually once I got one and was able to see it without the big furry thing over my lips quite beautiful. Be brave go try these if you haven’t already. They’re worth checking out.


PS: Toast Bard, you’re a bastard :P


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I have a few of their skins..they go great with anything hand drawn..and then I noticed that Toast has made more…my prob is figuring out which one…

Comment by shelbyrasmuson

I’m not sure either since I haven’t ever bought one until just today ;x But you should message Toast, and she’ll most likely let you know <3

Comment by corduroyshop

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