Hair Critique?
December 13, 2009, 9:57 pm
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This hair is in the works… would you buy it? What would you change about it? Lemme know!



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I would ! In white ! allez allez work faster I want it ! :))))

Comment by Polaire Aeghin

I love the back, the texture is good, there is a part on the front with the bangs that are bothering me though.

Comment by Rai Blaylock

i love it! *buys*

Comment by icampese

oh sure..I love the bow on the back!! and love the texture too…my friend tells me “do it in ginger too”.. :D

Comment by Gyorgyna Larnia

Puma told me to do a follow up. Okay so basically, my issue is the front. The back is stunning. But the front doesnt flow with the rest of the hair. The texture just looks a bit off for when working with the sculptie. But keep in mind I am really really picky about bangs if I have them. These appear a bit loose and free compared to the tight and fancy to the rest of it.

Comment by Rai Blaylock

Something different with the bangs, either higher or lower or SOMETHING, they’re driving me nuts – they look like a combover. Other than that, I loooove it. And you. <3

Comment by Tenshi

The back seriously IS stunning. But yeah, the front doesn’t seem to “go” with the back. I LIKE the front but it’s more casual and messy, whereas the back is more formal.

I love the big side sweep on the front, though.

Comment by Victoria Sabra

i like the color a lot but i don’t like the back, it looks too bow-like. i would have to see it in person rather than a picture tho.

Comment by stacia

looks kool.. yes ı would def buy it :D but from where??? talk now

Comment by nilgiha

I LOVE IT- the unkempt yet tidy look of the ‘do screams runway; I could see myself wearing it with a quirky outfit or something with kitsch. Let me buy it, and I will be your fangirl for life.

Comment by Valerie Jefferson

I love the back!! Its Amazing!! I like the bangs too, but maybe make them more ’emo-esk’ if you get what I mean, but this is pretty damn awesome lady!

Comment by Serenity

I love the style. I hope there will a nice shade of red hair. ^^

Comment by Ana Lutetia

Hi Puma :)

I like the classical, refined hair.
I think that the color of the hair is beautiful.
The back style is good too!
I like it !


Comment by MandyMandy McMillan

i really like the sweepy bangs in the front, and the texture is a nice black without being too black. i am also a fan of the hairbow thing as well. very cute!

Comment by wednesday soon

I certainly like the local of this … please don’t make the blonde hair ‘glow’!!!!!

Comment by primperfect

I really like the back. There’s something wrong with the front though, I agree.

Comment by Phoenix

Echoing some comments here, the back is gorgeous, the front looks a little boy-ish… but it’s all about the blonde, if the blonde texture was good I’d buy, definately

Comment by Marissa Goodliffe

I really like but I am also a texture whore. Would love to see it in world to check out the textures too. Hugs!

Comment by Lizzie Lexington

Oooh, I love it!

Comment by Lili B.

I would buy it if it was no transfer but modify and copy because it would look just great with some hats. I would need to make a copy and modify it sometimes because all hair is likely to poke through the hat.

Comment by Teal Etzel

[…] Hair Critique? […]

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its a little late for this buuuut i love it!

Comment by Trash Wahwah

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