Purikura Photobooth by Scribble
December 17, 2009, 9:31 am
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I quite fancy the ingenious Scribble – Purikura Photobooth by Radio Signals. This isn’t a new item but it’s worth mentioning as a worthy holiday gift for anyone’s wish list. Not only is this photobooth chalked full of poses and backgrounds… the scripting as well as the information note card makes it extremely user friendly. This item is not transferable but if you send a note card to Radio Signals in-world or if you’re Xstreet SL savvy (which I am not ;x) you can gift this photobooth!

The interface allows you to not only change poses but move yourself around so you can be closer or further away in the viewer. There are enough pose balls to accommodate up to 5 people that’s a lot! But if that’s not enough you can always rez more …oh… you popular person you! The Purikura Photobooth costs 2500L and it’s worth every penny but if you’re broke like I am… Radio has one rezzed outside her shop so you can still experience the joys of Purikura!

Q: What is this thing anyways?

A: Well, good sir and/or madam, I’m pleased to inform you that you have found the best photobooth ever made, in my (obviously) humble opinion. It is to assist you taking pictures that look nice and professional like, especially with multiple people.

Q: Purikura? What is that?

A: It’s a photobooth common in Japan. It usually consists of small booth, a viewing screen, and a few backrounds, with features such as adding frames or text, just like this!

Purikura Photobooth interface, it’s so easy to use!

Purikura Photobooth w/ interface hidden so you can capture your shot!

Stick the finished product in Purikura Momento Photo Strip and share with your friends! If the images turn out sexy enough send the photo strip to impress and dazzle! They’re transferable!

Stop by Scribble to check out the Purikura Photobooth!



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I like it. Giving people the power to digitally alter their photo booth pictures will work!

Comment by Divine Moments

[…] blogged about Scribble’s Purikura Photobooth in December as a great holiday gift. Well, December has long passed but this still makes a great […]

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