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January 7, 2010, 5:03 pm
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I just thought I’d share a few of my personal favorite blogs to read or drool over their creative style.

The Virtual Adventures of Lizzie

Always writing in third person… Lizzie highlights her favorite things, places and experiences in SL a true veteran of SL this is a definite must read. Reading her blog makes me feel like I get an inside look into her SL life which is charming.

Banana Vella

Stick with Banana, she’ll tell you where are the deals and places to see are. I check her blog almost daily to see what she has gotten herself up to and then stalk the places she’s already been ;x

♥ Better Imagined by Abra

Abra is my idea of a true uniquely styled fashionista. She’s so creative and fun! Every outfit she puts together for her blog makes me want to raid her closet no fail. I wonder how much time she spends to create what I consider art.

These are my top three picks share yours? Please comment if you do so I can check your favorite blogs <3



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wow. i feel shunned.
Sorta like all those times I gave you free stuff from my shop and you never blogged it. *sad face*

Great choices. I love a little lizzie in the morning. Goes perfectly with coffee.

Comment by Marls

I’m really sorry Marleen that you gave me stuff that I didn’t blog. I do remember how kind you were to help me clothe a newbie friend, I really appreciated that. I commented once on your blog it is quite enjoyable to read. I’m glad you like reading Lizzie’s blog too <3

Comment by corduroyshop

Hi there, I loved reading this! Thanks so much for mentioning these awesome blogs ;o)

If you like reading about SL adventures, I’d like to shamelessly plug mine here. Here’s just one of our more interesting adventures from last year:

Some have told us (probably while in a drunken stupor) that we manage to find entertaining/straight-up-crazy ways to present fashion. Some bathroom reading, in case you are ever supremely bored ;o)

xo Tesh

Comment by Tesh

Thanks Tesh! <3

Comment by corduroyshop

I enjoy reading Lizzie’s blog as well.

And also, these two:
I enjoy Bubbles’s style, and her ramblings are often interesting, and I find myself agreeing with them most of the time, or I’ll realize something that I never realized before.
I love both Clear and Shane’s styles!
I don’t know what it is, but I find their blog posts to be interesting.

I have more, but three is not enough lol.

Comment by Ashe Anthony

I’ll have to check these out thanks Ashe! I totally agree three is not enough but I had to limit myself ;x

Comment by corduroyshop

great choices! :D

Comment by Euni Kira

thanks! I really enjoy these three <3

Comment by corduroyshop

I *knew* you were a stalker! rofl

I like Lizzies blog too, but the third person thing bugs me a little. A lot. (Sorry Lizzie) But I still check in every now and again and read it.

I’ll check out the others listed here too :), and I’ll post a reply on my blog! xx

Comment by Banana Vella

I stalk you cause I love youuuu.

Comment by corduroyshop

I just found yours cause of this post Banana. Very nice – great source for sim adventures which I love to do in my blog as well. And 3rd person – well it’s an acquired taste I feel. Hugs to you.

Comment by Lizzie Lexington

Thank you so much lady! And you know i have been lurking your blog for gosh almost two years now? Spring/summer 08 if I recall. You are always chipper and make me smile! Hugs.

Comment by Lizzie Lexington

ha and my faves are Abra who you have already listed, Anya Ohmai
Marleen and Sylvia
Chance Greatrex

Comment by Lizzie Lexington

I love these blogs too. Three more of my favs are:

Emeralds Eyes

Love & Fashion

Coffee Smoke

Actually I can name 30 fav blogs :-))

Comment by chalice carling

I posted my three faves. Wish I could have done a top twenty. lol

Comment by Banana

[…] Thank you to Puma Jie for the very sweet compliment and hello to all of you who’ve found me through her. […]

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