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January 8, 2010, 8:23 pm
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I’m always looking for darker skin tones to make shapes with and so far I’ve fallen in love with two particular creators. Cupcakes and L.Fauna both create lovely darker skins which really compliment my shapes.

I’ve always loved Rosemary Galbraith’s dark skins, she has a great knack for them. The new Cupcake’s Darling line is no exception.

Cupcakes – Darling (mocha tone)

Launa Fauna’s L.Fauna skins are dreamy and it makes me really happy that her darker skin tones are just as wonderful as her lighter ones.

L.Fauna – Lapine (dark 2 tone)

If you’re looking for darker skins check out Cupcakes and L.Fauna. What dark skins do you wear? I’m always looking for new skinners!


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I almost always wear dark skin in SL, because I am dark skinned (very much so!) in my first life.
Anyway, I usually wear dark skins by Atomic for my everyday look, and occasionally, I wear dark skins by GLANCE (adult region by the way, not sure why).
I wore PixelDolls for a bit, and Dutch Touch, and Free Speerit have good dark skins, but they are not dark enough for me, personally.

Hope that helps.

Comment by Ashe Anthony

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