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January 10, 2010, 5:41 pm
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I am such a dork. I had no idea that Ohmai Silhouettes Collection was out even though I commented on a flickr photo stating that it would be released on the 30th of December. I know… I’m spacey! The Surface outfit cost me 400L but was worth every penny. I can see myself using these pieces as separates in the very near future. Check out Anya Ohmai’s collection and join her scribo group here.

Ohmai Silhouettes’ Surface outfit

I’m wearing Tres Blah DU III skins in this entry and honestly these are my latest favorite. I’ve been a fan girl of Tres Blah since my newbie days and I’m very happy to see that Julliette Westerburg is still creating gorgeous every day clothing and now skins and accessories! I stalk her blog to see what new things I can buy <3

LaGyo – headband

LaGyo is fast becoming a place where I come to drool over some of the most well made accessories I’ve seen in SL. I love this headband and have been wearing it around for weeks. Gyorgyna Larnia is a genius in my book. I hope you guys grabbed all her DU III exclusives!


Pick up all these outfits from Prelude before they are retired! For the whole month of January the entire Prelude store is discounted! 50% off or more if I’m correct. You can buy the whole shop and it won’t even make a huge dent in your SL pocketbook. My favorite buy… these london pants! I can’t wait to see what Polaire Aeghin creates next but until then I’ll be more then happy to buy all her things for cheap!


oyakin**cardigan (GREEN)

I didn’t know of Kinbo Akina or her shop Oyakin until she dropped me her reviews for DU III and my jaw just dropped to the floor. Her dresses are so pretty! I finally had time to stop by her shop and I was so excited that all her clothes were just as amazing and priced so reasonably. I kinda broke the bank when I bought the Shape outfit from Ohmai but couldn’t help getting one thing from Oyakin. There are tons of freebies and you can buy items as cheap as 30L.

50 Flats – boat shoes

Ding Fotherington’s 50 Flats is the place to go for erm… flats! Did I mention I’m a geek in RL, I have these in my 1st life and was thrilled to now have them in my 2nd! You might recognize Ding’s name if you read her blog My Second Life on the D-List which features her and Venturino Benson’s great SL finds.

Scribble – Pretty Tags

Last but not least if you haven’t stopped by Radio Signal’s shop Scribble you really should. This is a great place to pick up fun accessories, kawaii clothing and things to put in your mouth! I’m really loving the chocolates that will be available soon for Vday and the Pretty Tags that comes with four different attachment points and is scripted so you can write any message you like on it.

Scribble – chocolates // jelly pen

Phew! That was a lot… but these shops and creators totally rock my world <3


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I love you in those dresses from Prelude. So lovely!

Comment by Lizzie Lexington

you should get them they’re on saleeeeeeeee :D

Comment by corduroyshop

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