5th & Oxford’s Brooke Skins
January 20, 2010, 7:40 pm
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In a few hours you’ll be able to purchase 5th & Oxford’s newest face, the Brooke skins. These new skins are lovely! Brooke’s body is based off the Audrey skins with a bit more contrast and saturation added. The eyebrows, which I loooveeee are far superior and modifiable. There are five different skin styles, Kitty, Natural, Nightfall, Rebel, Rebel and Subtle… which comes in six different makeup and three skin tones. These skins should definitely be demo-ed! I honestly feel the Brooke skins are Rosie’s and CJ’s best. Keep checking their blog to see if they’re out. I know they’re working on the vendor ads as I’m writing this so it’s coming <3

Until then, stop by 5th & Oxford and grab their Rebel, Rebel tees and just FYI if you purchase a 5th & Oxford 2400L gift card and use it to purchase skins you receive a slight discount. The 2400L gift card is actually valued at 3600L so you can purchase six skins for the price of four! Haha… it’s like build your own fatpack <3


(5th & Oxford) Brooke FAIR 600L per skin

1. Nightfall 5
2. Kitty 1
3. Natural 3
4. Rebel, Rebel 5
5. Subtle 1
6. Subtle 3


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the mAkeup on that first skin is so lovely!

Comment by Sydd Sinister

it’s the rebel, rebel brooke skins <3 you have to try them all sydd i think you'd really like them!

Comment by corduroyshop

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