Working Shape.
January 28, 2010, 6:54 am
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Nancy has big eyes…

Is this face pretty? Or is her expression verging on a glazed over look? Feedback please :D

Thank you very much!!!



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Definitely not pretty.

Comment by Dagny

what would you change to improve it?

Comment by corduroyshop

The title is working shape, so I think you mean is the shape of the face/head pretty even though you are asking about her expression.

No offense, but I do think she looks as though she can’t wait to stop having her picture taken so she can do something she is interested in. Not just bored, but resigned.

I think the shape of the head is fine, it’s sweet and classic. But she is so very solemn. Try turning up the corners of her mouth slightly. For an example look at Redgrave’s Emil3 skin for men. It has an upcurve to the lips. The men wearing it always look like they are enjoying themselves.

Unless you are attached to the skin, I would suggest one with more character around the eyes, particularly under the eye. That area is very flat and as smooth as a child’s.

Hope this helps!

Comment by Casandra Shilova

This is not a pretty face. Highlighting above the lip is too strong, could be that there is too much fat lip *lol* Overall, the expression is kind of forelorn with the big waif like eyes. Maybe this was your intent. I’m not liking the proportion of the mouth with the eyes. It’s too thin and appears to be too small. On the plus side, face shape, structure and nose are nice. It just needs a bit of tuning up!

Comment by AlessK

I personally think it’s quite pretty. I’m a fan of the ‘indifferent’ look and I think this shape fits that without it looking sad or overly bored.
I do, however, think the shape suits the second skin better though. The rounded lips suit the look better.

I say, keep it. :)

Comment by Verona Valentin

I agree with Verona on some parts. I believe its a decent shape or on its way to be decent.

To me the mouth seems too low, the area between the bottom of the chin and the lips seems really small compared to the area between the upper lip and the nose. Try raising the lips a tad, lowering the inner eye corners. (If you’re going to have large wide eyes, you should start with smaller eyes and make the width bigger. Or you could raise the outer corners of the eyes more, she looks a little droopy eyed.

Overall I like it.


Comment by Kaethe

I agree with with Kaethe, but I think the nose is all wrong. at least the bottom of the nose. It has no ‘Nostril Division’ and it needs that. That’s what struck me as off mostly was the nose.

I hope this helps.

Comment by Dez

Looking again, I agree that the upper lip is too long. If I remember correctly, you would need to lower the nose and eyes to make it shorter.

Unless you are trying to duplicate a side profile shot of yourself with the nose, try turning the nose up a little, this should give you nostrils that show sufficiently. The camera angle in pictures tend to make it look a bit angular or clipped.

I do hope nothing any of us have said is upsetting.

Comment by Casandra Shilova

i like it and i like that her eyes are big, i think everyone is judging more by the skin then the shape, it would be nice to see it with a few more skins

Comment by Sydd Sinister

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