Get it while it’s on sale!
February 2, 2010, 4:23 am
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I’ve blogged about Scribble’s Purikura Photobooth in December as a great holiday gift. Well, December has long passed but this still makes a great gift and if you don’t have one for yourself get it! It’s FUN!

For the month of February Radio is marking it 50% off! It really is the best photobooth in SL. Let me give you the ultimate Purikura Photobooth tour :D

Inside you see there’s the background, five pose balls (you can rez more) and the frame/interface. There are many backgrounds and frames to choose from to make your photobooth picture perfect. If those don’t satisfy you, you can add more backgrounds, poses, frames… etc.! The interface is also super easy to use (there’s a how notecard as well) and once you got everything right… you can hide it to take your shot.

What makes Radio’s Photobooth unique is the fact you can DRAW and WRITE things on your pictures! On the left side of the frame sits the the color palette which activates the pen. Pick a color and go nuts! But don’t worry if you hate it you can erase away. Look at Euni’s great artwork :P

Rez this Purikura Photobooth and I can guarantee you’ll have an instant party going. It’s just really fun with friends <3

Stick the finished product in Purikura Momento Photo Strip and share with your friends! If the images turn out sexy enough send the photo strip to impress and dazzle! They’re transferable! The strips are usually 100L but Radio’s priced them at 10L until February 14th <3 She's also going to be creating Gacha photo strips! Keep your eyes peeled for those ;x

Go check out the Purikura Photobooth at Scribble! The photobooth is copy/no transfer so if you want to buy it for a friend just message Radio Signals in-world and she’ll be happy to assist you <3



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