Weekend Mixup!
February 22, 2010, 5:10 am
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(Vive9) Miranda [tea] Fallen NB Outlet Item
Poetic Colors – Starry Night (m) – Miley – Cranky Brown New Release
$GaNKeD$ Bubbles Necklace New Release – Sweet.Heart Dress (Aquamarine) – Top New Release
!BF! Je t’aime Tee Outlet Item
~momo~bunny thermal sea – Sweet.Heart Dress (Aquamarine) – Bottom (not worn with prim skirt) New Release
Veschi – Bling Banger Leggings
Corduroy – knee highs (orange)

This has inspired Dango-san to produce and distribute SL-WIDE my upcoming already award winning DVD…

[21:16] Xerras Azalee: i have a copy can i get it autographed plzzz
[21:17] Puma Jie: omggg
[21:17] Puma Jie: yesss
[21:17] Xerras Azalee: HAHAHAH
[21:17] Xerras Azalee: facepalm

Coming soon! Check your local store for details <3



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/me comments

Comment by Unsatisfied wife

OMG love it,etc esp the necklacee!

*puts dvd next to his ~*special notebook*~

Comment by Vo Pralou


Comment by corduroyshop

/me writes a meaningful love comment

Oh my, dear. You look so nom! I will distribute your DVD thru my reading club partners! It will be so rad.


Comment by Unsatisfied wife on incognito


Comment by corduroyshop

Pumarobics!!! YAY loool (love the look)
muass pumita<3333

Comment by Vega Arida

stay tuned for the next in my aerobics series :P

Comment by corduroyshop

hahahha omg i love it so much. might i add, dango-san distrubited, but i was the master brains behind the birth of the pumarobics phenomenon.

lol <3

Comment by Euni Kira

EK Productions PRESENTS: PUMAEROBICS! Distributed by Dango-san Distribution © All Rights Reserved!!


Comment by corduroyshop

LOL Puma! I feel the burn. Olivia Newton John has nothing on you.

Comment by Aranel

LOL Puma! I feel the burn. Olivia Newton John has nothing on you!

Comment by Cerrie Janus

haha xoxo!

Comment by corduroyshop

<3 Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SWEAT! it out!

Comment by annoyingjapanesechild


Comment by corduroyshop

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