March 13, 2010, 5:53 am
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Circus. Circus.

For awhile now I’ve been bugging Cerrie Janus (check her blog!) to take snaps with me cause she’s so dang fabulous. We just happened to be attending the same rez day party (Happy Rez Day Blair!) and since it was circus themed this seemed like the perfect opportunity! The lag was tricky but many crashes later… success!! I’m slowly and surely falling in love with Exile… I love love LOVE this new release the Majandra hairdo. It’s got– um lots of body <3 I'm still on my Ganked kick and did I mention the shop is at the Accessory Fair? -me coughs- I’m wearing the Worlds Apart necklace which finishes this outfit off nicely. You can grab Cerrie’s outfit from Rotten Toe minus a few things but I think she rocked it hard.


Cerrie’s Wearin’:
Cupcakes – Allure skin (nude)
[Shag] – La La Love Me – onyx
A:S:S – Moustache. black
(Elate!) Tiny Top Hat!
BAX Ankle Boot Black Patent
!RT Infected red satin shirt
!RT- Long rotten stocking n gloves
!RT-cutie sideshow shorts with ruffles
!RT…bloomers & stocking BLACK
!RT…Burlesque…special black

RT is Rotten Toe by elsa Liebknecht

Puma’s Rockin’:
Tres Blah – Arctic Cold (blond brows) Melt Event Item
Tres Blah – Arctic Eyes Melt Event Item
Exile – Majandra (champagne) New Release
Ganked – Worlds Apart necklace Accessory Fair
Luster – Tulip gloves (tinted) (from Tulip outfit)
Equus – Prima Donna outfit – DU III No Longer Available



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That poor elephant didn’t know what happened to him! <3

Comment by Cerrie Janus

haha! you dork <3

Comment by corduroyshop

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