March 16, 2010, 9:54 am
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I love surprises especially when it’s a group gift from Lamb! Probably one of the best hair shops in SL, I always feel spoilt when I get something from there and when Lamb Bellic sends out a group gift on the fly I feel so special ;x I styled completely around this new ‘do and [KA] Designs’ latest release the Spring Fling top (hey! she’s wearing the same hair in her blog banner! Haha- great minds.. <3).

I'm diggin' how it's so easy to layer things under this plaid top and have picked out *Linc*‘s new cashmere short sleeve top to wear with my favorite panda bear tee <3 I've been watching Gia’s flickr cause I keep missing her in SL (I miss you hobag) and I am under the impression that she might be getting on with her Cashmere skins. The ho, is too busy in RL! Keep your eyes peeled for those and the Veschi hobo bag which is coming as well as these kawaii Scribble – Floppy Bow Socks <3 o/` I feel pretty… oh so pretty o/`

Cashmere – Godiva (cream) Naturalo Pre-Release
*CS* Eyes – Deep Ink
Lamb – The Glow Deux (ink) Old Group Gift
Surf Co. – My VW Thing Sunglasses (gold) – green Old 50L Fridays Item
Veschi – Black Hobo Bag w/ Chains Pre-Release
[KA] Spring Fling – Navy Plaids New Release
Linc – Cashmere Top Shortsleeve (dartmouth) New Release
141 – Panda tee No Longer Available
Ohmai – basics – one-piece (eggplant) pants
Sh*t Happens – White Jeanies v.3
Scribble – Floppy bow socks (black) Pre-Release
Miel – Far Boots – Polar Edition Melt Event Item


March 16, 2010, 9:17 am
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Things I currently love:

My I Love Olive – Valerie Hair, I’m wearing it in Teal Horizon. Congrats! on your new store location at LE LOOK (this is a LE LOOK exclusive which can only be purchased at the linked location)!

I Love Olive.

My Surf Co. Boardwalkers in High Tide. I LOVE THEM! Like Tres Blah, I love pretty much everything Surf Couture makes and when I saw them in the flesh I so badly wanted to buy the whole fatpack but I’m going to be good. I have been seeing these everywhere and even though I was not going to buy them I finally gave in. They’re unisex so boys go get them too!

Surf Co.

Metric. I don’t usually post music on here but I’m in the mood. I can’t tell you how much I love music or the band Metric. It’s just not right to go one day without listening to any tunes. I saw this band live once a long time ago and they were amazing. Dude, they keep getting better! This album makes me want to go see them in concert again.

Listen to it!


What Next.
March 15, 2010, 9:47 pm
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For those who have been following Corduroy since the beginning you know that this blog use to be a shop blog. Where I would post updates on Alan’s and my shop. We use to create furniture and socks but now we do nada since we’re lazy bums.

What Next. I Love Olive.
What Next – February Group Gifts

Anywho, I have a soft spot for content creators who specialize in furniture and when my friend Star dragged out some of her furniture pieces (shown above) to decorate her skybox I immediately went ooh–. Star was telling me how she had received the sofa and floor pillows as group gifts and I was slightly in awe. Well textured, multiple sits, poses and low prim?! Alan was always big on making low prim furniture because he wanted to make furniture that was lovely for those who didn’t have too many prims to work with.

I really appreciate that What Next furniture shop makes such cute and wonderful things and uses a very minimal amount of prims! Winter and Frank are partners who together create a pretty amazing array of decor for your house and garden. FYI, they’re also a RL couple <3 Everything in their shop screams cozy and comfortable. I love how almost everything is scripted and they have really taken their time to make sure that each item is well made and can stand on it's own. I highly recommend you check out What Next for high quality low prim furniture.

But if you’re not convinced check out these snapshots:

What Next. What Next. What Next. What Next. What Next. What Next.

Snapshot 1 & 2:
{what next} Ciel Wall Hanging
{what next} Ciel Hanging Peg Photo Decor
{what next} Ciel Ladder Shelf
{what next} Ciel Scatter Pillows
{what next} Milan Table
{what next} Milan Chairs

Snapshots 3:
{what next} Ciel Fireside Chair (blue)
{what next} Ciel Stool
{what next} Ciel Wicker Basket 2
{what next} Ciel Tealight
{what next} Ciel Wall Hanging
{what next} Ciel Vase

Snapshot 4:
{what next} Memory box

Snapshot 5:
{what next} Divine Chaise Lounge (one/two seater)

Snapshot 6:
{what next} After Hours Sofa
{what next} Indian Summer #2 Floor Pillow

Check out all these items at What Next!


March 13, 2010, 5:53 am
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Circus. Circus.

For awhile now I’ve been bugging Cerrie Janus (check her blog!) to take snaps with me cause she’s so dang fabulous. We just happened to be attending the same rez day party (Happy Rez Day Blair!) and since it was circus themed this seemed like the perfect opportunity! The lag was tricky but many crashes later… success!! I’m slowly and surely falling in love with Exile… I love love LOVE this new release the Majandra hairdo. It’s got– um lots of body <3 I'm still on my Ganked kick and did I mention the shop is at the Accessory Fair? -me coughs- I’m wearing the Worlds Apart necklace which finishes this outfit off nicely. You can grab Cerrie’s outfit from Rotten Toe minus a few things but I think she rocked it hard.


Cerrie’s Wearin’:
Cupcakes – Allure skin (nude)
[Shag] – La La Love Me – onyx
A:S:S – Moustache. black
(Elate!) Tiny Top Hat!
BAX Ankle Boot Black Patent
!RT Infected red satin shirt
!RT- Long rotten stocking n gloves
!RT-cutie sideshow shorts with ruffles
!RT…bloomers & stocking BLACK
!RT…Burlesque…special black

RT is Rotten Toe by elsa Liebknecht

Puma’s Rockin’:
Tres Blah – Arctic Cold (blond brows) Melt Event Item
Tres Blah – Arctic Eyes Melt Event Item
Exile – Majandra (champagne) New Release
Ganked – Worlds Apart necklace Accessory Fair
Luster – Tulip gloves (tinted) (from Tulip outfit)
Equus – Prima Donna outfit – DU III No Longer Available


March 13, 2010, 1:54 am
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Vegita TPed me to NINIKO to grab this cute group gift awhile back and I finally got around to unpacking it and it’s so well made I’m going to have to go back and check out everything else! I love baggy prim bits and it goes really nicely with my favorite PIDIDDLE Kimchi Racerback tanks and Ganked‘s Broadway Lights necklace. To complete my look I’m wearing Exile‘s latest, the Dori hairdo which you can demo here. I feel so cool <3

Tres Blah – Arctic Cold (brown brows) Melt Event Item
*CS* Eyes – Deep Ink
Exile – Dori (black cherry) New Release
December – No.22 Glasses
Ganked – Broadway Lights Necklace Accessory Fair
NINIKO – Group Gift 10-03 epron
PIDIDDLE – Kimchi Racerback (teal)
Corduroy – Catero Leggings
[0N] AM Boots


Veschi Jumpers.
March 12, 2010, 2:38 pm
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Alla Ruff has been hard at work cranking out new ish for her shop Veschi It’s always instant love for me when it comes to anything Veschi. This unnamed jumper was no different! It’s still being worked on but I couldn’t help dragging Alla out of her workspace to take pictures in them. She’s wearing the pants version and I’m in the skirt version, don’t they just remind you of something you might see on Dynasty?? To complete this look I’m wearing Ganked‘s Petal in Peacock set minus the bracelet, I have been a fan of Ganked since Misti Merryman has opened up shop earlier this year. Ganked is at the Accessory Fair go check it out!

I Love Olive continues to impress me with every new hairstyle the shop releases. I’m wearing the newest Starr hairdo which you can demo at the main store location here. Keep up the good work Prosperitus <3

Tres Blah – Hiccup Light Skin – Drama (dark thick brow) – DU III No Longer Available
*CS* Eyes – Deep Ink
I Love Olive – Starr (mocha) New Release
Queen Couture – Modern Frames No Longer Available
Ganked – Petal in Peacock Earrings + Necklace Accessory Fair
RunoRuno – Arctic Gloves Melt Event Item
Veschi – Unnamed Jumper (dress version) Pre-Release
Luster – Valentina – Stockings (from Valentina outfit)
Surf Co. – Kitten Heels – Purple Cloud Outlet Item


March 10, 2010, 4:38 pm
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The Accessory Fair is going on right now and even though I haven’t gone I’ve seen many pretty things everyone has been posting. One thing I know for sure is that my favorite glasses shop, December is there so you should really check it out! I’m wearing Mandy’s contribution to the Om Nom Hunt Event, these glasses are so cute! Like all her other glasses these are scripted and I never tire of playing with all the options. I’m also wearing Veschi’s latest accessory, the hobo bag in black, it’s not completely finished, Alla is going to add charm options so keep on the look out for this! I’m really digging it. The sculpting is perfect and the details makes me want a RL one! I’m still wearing my Miel boots from the Melt Event. I LOVE THEM. The scripted color changing socks makes me wanna wear them everyday.

So to recap, check out all these events!

GIA Presents: Accessory Fair 2010
Melt. An Installation On Thin Ice.
Om Nom Hunt

Tres Blah – Arctic Frost w/out frost (brown brows) Melt Event Item
*CS* Eyes – Deep Ink
LAMB – I’m a Romantic – Ink Previous 50L Friday Item
December – No.40 glasses (Marble Choco!) Om Nom Hunt Event Item
Ticky Tacky 0 Tourist Trap Bracelets (L) New Release
Veschi – Hobo Bag (black) Pre-Release
(OMFG) Ringleader Jacket ( from Ringleader outfit)
Sugarcube – Beadly Dress (onixis)
:.WoE.: GRJ-F8 Graecyn Jeans (Stormy) New Release
MIEL – Far Boots – Polar Edition Melt Event Item