Project Brandy Darkrose.
March 29, 2010, 3:29 pm
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Project Brandy Darkrose Kiosk

Originally uploaded by Brandy Darkrose

Have you met Brandy Darkrose? If you haven’t you should friend her… she’s a hoot and a half ;x

Brandy Darkrose aka Catero Alla Marcelle (Um.. It’s a really bad inside joke don’t worry about it..) is doing something I wished I had the balls to do myself. She’s creating her avatar and everything about her avatar from scratch and entirely by herself. When she first told me about her project I was like, “You Crazy!” but Brandy has a point. All you need is the will and a whole lotta gumption to get yourself creating in SL. I’m one of those people who always say I can’t learn how to make a shirt or hair, etc… and Brandy wants me and all the others who feel the same way that I do to just believeeeeeeee! LOL.

She’s giving herself a year to do a complete makeover of her newbie avatar and anything and everything she sports will be of her own creation. I totally believe Brandy will pull this off and hope that it will inspire not only myself but others too… Follow her blog: Brandy Darkrose’s Blog where she’ll continue to update her journey as well as posts “how to” tutorials which I’ve found quite fun! Good Luck Brandy!



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Just to clarify for those who will misinterpret/misunderstand Puma’s statement:

Brandy Darkrose aka Catero Alla Marcelle (Um.. It’s a really bad inside joke don’t worry about it..)

Puma has been on the hunt for the main account behind the Brandy Darkrose alt … and has directly suspected and asked me if I am Brandy. Looks like she’s also suspected Alla Ruff and Marcelle DeCuir as well.

I can only speak for myself when I say, I am not and have never been (nor will I ever be) the avatar known as Brandy Darkrose.

I spoke to Brandy. She was very lovely. I wish her the best luck in accomplishing her ambitious project.


Comment by Catero

eek. i hope i haven’t caused problems for you ;x

Comment by corduroyshop

Awww Thank You Puma!

Comment by Brandy Darkrose

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