Cashmere Skins, they’re out for reals.
December 31, 2010, 9:51 pm
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I haven’t felt the urge to update this blog in a very long time. This trend will most likely continue… but I’m going to make an exception.

I’m really happy that one of my dearest friends and favourite hobag, Gianna Broda, has FINALLY put his ish out for sale! It’s only taken him about er… a year? Well, that doesn’t matter because it was definitely worth the wait. If you haven’t heard of the brand Cashmere, it’s been around for many years and this anal retentive man has been wow-ing me since the beginning and continues to impress me on a daily basis.

Click here to view original size.

I am probably his biggest fan. Gianni works hard and the effort he puts into his creations shows. I say this about all his skins but I truly think he’s out done himself.

Stop by Cashmere to check out all the goodies <3 Have a happy and healthy 2011!


Long Time No See ;x
April 4, 2010, 12:00 am
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Hola mi amigos! I’ve been kinda MIA but while I was gone I tried to keep up with the lovely goodies for SPRING <3 Not much to say just a lot of snaps of the must haves. CHECK IT :D

Scribble – April Showers Jumper New Release available at the Spring Bazaar :D

Scribble // Meriken Co.
Scribble – Iris High Waist skirt (black) comes with the floppy socks!! New Release

Ohmai! // I LOVE OLIVE.
Ohmai! – Basic Racerback Tops + Tube Bras // Fruits Medley Tops

Ohmai! // I LOVE OLIVE.
I LOVE OLIVE – LUANI (black) New Release I really like how this photo is kinda moody.

I Love Olive // Meriken Co.
Meriken Co. – Doya New Release (worn three different ways!!)
I LOVE OLIVE – Lily New Release

Meriken Co.
Meriken Co. – IVONNE shoes New Release

There’s more things I still need to show you all— but I must run MUCH LOVE & PEACE!


5th & Oxford’s Spring Goodness.
March 29, 2010, 8:29 pm
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Be on the look out for these goodies from 5th & Oxford <3 I really am excited that Spring is here and even more so for these! The Jori blouses and skirts are romantic and definitely girlie. You can wear them as separate pieces or together as shown here. I love this look and how it's so well suited for the Spring season. On closer inspection I'm extremely impressed with the skirt's texture, it's gorgeous! Also, you can wear this blouse with or without the prim ruffle but I like it a lot and think it's the perfect finishing touch. I'm a big fan of 5th & Oxford and I’m really glad Rosie’s making clothes.

5th & Oxford.
5th & Oxford’s Jori blouses + skirts

Stop by 5th & Oxford to check out all the goods.


Project Brandy Darkrose.
March 29, 2010, 3:29 pm
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Project Brandy Darkrose Kiosk

Originally uploaded by Brandy Darkrose

Have you met Brandy Darkrose? If you haven’t you should friend her… she’s a hoot and a half ;x

Brandy Darkrose aka Catero Alla Marcelle (Um.. It’s a really bad inside joke don’t worry about it..) is doing something I wished I had the balls to do myself. She’s creating her avatar and everything about her avatar from scratch and entirely by herself. When she first told me about her project I was like, “You Crazy!” but Brandy has a point. All you need is the will and a whole lotta gumption to get yourself creating in SL. I’m one of those people who always say I can’t learn how to make a shirt or hair, etc… and Brandy wants me and all the others who feel the same way that I do to just believeeeeeeee! LOL.

She’s giving herself a year to do a complete makeover of her newbie avatar and anything and everything she sports will be of her own creation. I totally believe Brandy will pull this off and hope that it will inspire not only myself but others too… Follow her blog: Brandy Darkrose’s Blog where she’ll continue to update her journey as well as posts “how to” tutorials which I’ve found quite fun! Good Luck Brandy!


Playing Catchup, Sorta.
March 28, 2010, 9:40 pm
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I’ve been mucho busy and barely have logged but I couldn’t help devoting a little time to playing dress up cause the pretty things just keep piling up. Here’s a quicky post! I’m sorry I don’t have so much to say today, I’m a bit buzzed ;x

5th & Oxford – Brooke – FAIR – Kitty 3
*CS* Eyes – Deep Ink – Anna (emo black) New Release
Decollage – Turq sunglasses
BP* – Crochet Scarf 1
5th & Oxford – Jori Blouse (daffodil) Pre-Release
HPMD – T-shirt free No Longer Available
2g – Straight Denim 5 Pockets Jeans No Longer Available

Listening To – Vampire Weekend – Giving Up The Gun

5th & Oxford – Brooke – FAIR – Kitty 1
*CS* Eyes – Deep Ink – Adriana (cranky brown) New Release
*COCO* Fur Cape (BrownMix) (not all parts worn)
Ganked – Jealousy Bracelet (green)
Meriken Co. – Doya Dress (pink) New Release

Listening To – Fujiya & Miyagi – Sore Thumb

5th & Oxford – Brooke – FAIR – Rebel, Rebel 4
Poetic Colors – Gold Flakes – Sapphire (m)
I Love Olive – Doris (Teal Horizon) New Release
Scribble – Paper Airplane (kite) 50L Fridays Item
Meriken Co. Doya (green) New Release
Elephant Outfitters – Andi Denim Vest (sepia) No Longer Available – Low.Rise Jeans (black)

Listening To – Regina Spektor – Dance Anthem Of The 80’s

Tres Blah – Hiccup Light Skin – Mummer (thick brows) No Longer Available
Poetic Colors – Last Light (m) – Scarlett.2 (paranoid black) New Release
*PBI* Dirty Gloves (midnight)
W&B – Sgt. Pepper Cropped Jacket (electric) – Paradiso Romper (amparo) New Release

Listening To – MGMT – Kids


PS: I need new music! I’ve listed a few songs currently playing on my Winamp while I do this in hopes someone might have similar suggestions. SPANKS! :D

So Kawaii.
March 21, 2010, 12:34 am
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Scribble‘s Floppy Bow Socks are out! Seriously cute and super sweet at 95L per pair you really can’t go wrong snatching them up! While you’re there just FYI, green items are 50L <3 so if you are wanting these in green you can get the green pair for 50L. I love these and you'll be sure to see more snapshots of me in them ;x Floppy socks rock… for reals so go!

Scribble Scribble Scribble Scribble


Pididdle’s Obsessions Tops.
March 18, 2010, 9:36 am
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These Pididdle tops are super cute and sexy! I love how they come on all layers and can be worn with just panties ;x I’m so happy that Brutus is creating again cause I know she’s a busy bee in RL. Be on the look out for these! I know for sure you can grab the dotted one but the rest will be released soon <3

<3 Snapshot_004 Snapshot_001
PIDIDDLE – Obsessions Top – Pink

PIDIDDLE – Obsessions Top – Violet Blue

PIDIDDLE – Obsessions Top – The Circle Project available exclusively @ The Circle Project mall.

Tres Blah – Hiccup Light Skin (dark thin brows) – DU III No Longer Available
*CS* Eyes – Deep Ink
W&Y Hair collection 2010 Limited Edition No Longer Available
Lark – Mourning Veil Melt Event Item
*SiSSi* Where are my Glasses Accessory Fair
Veschi – White-ish hobo bag Pre-Release
Ganked – Mistress Belly Jewel Accessory Fair
PIDIDDLE – Obsessions Tops
LoveLace – 2010 <3 Neopolitan Giftset – panties No Longer Available
Sh*t Happens – White Jeanies v.3 w/ skinny prims
Surf Co. – Boardwalkers (high tide)